Centre Flavie Laurent Center


We will be closed November 11th for Remembrance Day...

let us remember those who sacrificed themselves for us.

BIG Thank You!

Great BIG thank you to the CROPO Foundation and the WINNIPEG Foundation for their help in buying us a new truck.  This now means that we have 3 trucks to better serve both donors and clients!



We are open at 450 Provencher Blvd


To receive assistance

• Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm

To donate

• Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm
• Saturday, 9am - 12

"St. Boniface Centre Helps Poor Stretch Dollar"


Watch this CBC news report. (2min55)

Requests for Help Each Week

Busy, busy, busy... we help between 350 and 500 families on a weekly basis!

See the growth in the number of families registered with us.


CFLC Annual Report


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* 2012/13 Annual Report

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